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Payroll, tax services, retirement plan administration and business consulting services provided by Kerr Payroll Solutions, LLC. Kerr Payroll Solutions, LLC is not a CPA firm or an investment advisory firm. Insurance services provided by Kerr Insurance Brokers, Inc. Additional fees may apply subject to change at Kerr Payroll Solutions, LLC discretion. For a complete list of The Kerr Companies services please visit us at:


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Small Business Payroll

From 1 employee up to 49 Kerr Payroll Solutions offers an awesome payroll service at a great price. We are cheaper than the big payroll providers, we keep it simple and make it easy. If you want a payroll provider who you can rely on and not gouge you like a CPA or have hidden fees like the big payroll companies we are a great fit for you.

Large Business Payroll

If your business has more than 50 employees we know you are counting the pennies and require a strong payroll partnership. That's where we come in with seriously competitive rates and a multi-service approach that can power your entire business. From retirement administration to workers compensation we can bundle programs, provide tailored advice and become your long term payroll partner.

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