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Payroll, retirement plan administration and consulting provided by Kerr Payroll Solutions, LLC. Investment advisory services, ERISA services and asset management provided by Kerr Wealth Management, Inc. Insurance services provided by Kerr Insurance Brokers, Inc. Additional fees may apply subject to change at Kerr Payroll Solutions, LLC discretion. For a complete list of The Kerr Companies services plesae visit us at:


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Small Business Payroll

From 1 employee up to 49 Kerr Payroll Solutions offers an awesome payroll service at a great price. We are cheaper than the big payroll providers, we keep it simple and make it easy. If you want a payroll provider who you can rely on and not gouge you like a CPA or have hidden fees like the big payroll companies we are a great fit for you.

Large Business Payroll

If your business has more than 50 employees we know you are counting the pennies and require a strong payroll partnership. That's where we come in with seriously competitive rates and a multi-service approach that can power your entire business. From retirement administration to workers compensation we can bundle programs, provide tailored advice and become your long term payroll partner.

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