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About Kerr Payroll Solutions in Fresno, CA

Kerr Payroll Solutions in Fresno, CA provides straight forward payroll processing, retirement plans, accounting solutions and business insurance to businesses throughout California. With over 25 years of collective professional experience we offer an integrated payroll solution that is tailored for your business. 

Who do we work with?


  • Small business. (1-150 employees).

  • Large business. (50+ employees)

  • Employee retirement plan participants.

Are we staffed properly?

With a staff of 17 we have a backup for our backups. From certified payroll experts to weekly payroll's we can handle just about any volume you put on our desk.

Why should you consider Kerr Payroll Solutions?

Unlike big box office payroll providers we do not have shareholders and investors to pay off -  As a 5-star rated payroll service we celebrate with our clients each day becuase we cost less, give you more and offer a local office for check pickup, delivery services, a-la-cart packages and WE CARE, A LOT! Can your current payroll company say that?

We are thankful that you stopped by and read our story, and we look forward to empowering your business, creating value for your bottom line and making a material impact on your employee's lives. 

Andrew Kerr

President of Kerr Companies

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