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Large Business Payroll Services Fresno, CA

Kerr Payroll Solutions understands that each business is unique.  That’s why we offer a variety of payroll package solutions. With 16 years of collective experience, the Kerr Companies has developed payroll solutions to support customers across:

  • Size — From 50 employees to 500 employees in the Fresno, CA, California and nationwide.

  • Industry — From pest control, cannabis, hospitality to health care, manufacturing to construction, retail to financial service, tech and more.

  • Levels of service — From tax and compliance alone, to:

  • Payroll and Insurance

  • Payroll, retirement plans, workers compensation pay-as-you-go and outsourcing

  • Payroll, insurance, retirement plans, professional employer organization (PEO) arrangement

  • Configuration requirements — From software integration to integration with your HR, insurance and retirement plans.

Streamlined Payroll & Financial Solutions, All In One Place
  • What you need, all in one place (Benefits, Work comp, Retirement, Insurance, Payroll & HR)

  • With our unified software you can: log in to one system for all your HR management needs:

    • With one click, add a new employee with data pulled directly from your applicant-tracking system

    • When an employee changes benefits, the revised deduction automatically pulls through to your payroll

  • Access vital metrics and reporting you need to manage your workforce

Tax Reporting & Compliance

Kerr Payroll Solutions will address your tax and compliance challenges, including:

  • Automatically calculate your tax liability and on demand

  • Withhold and pay taxes on your behalf to the proper tax authorities

  • Handle your reporting responsibilities and issue Forms W-2 and 1099

Payroll & HR Reports

Kerr Payroll Solutions offers standardized reports, ready to go when you need them 24/7. 
Choose from virtually any standardized report and just download — point, click and be done! You can also download raw data, if you prefer, to use with your own software.

With ADP, your reporting needs are covered.

Compliance reporting is something businesses shouldn't have to worry about. That's where Kerr Payroll Solutions comes in. We’re on top of regulations so you don’t have to be.


With Kerr Payroll you get: robust reporting capabilities and a dedicated expert to help you manage your payroll compliance needs including FLSA, ACA, EEOC.

Self Service & Mobile Access 24/7

With our cloud based software your employees and managers can quickly perform tasks such as:

  • Clock in and out

  • View pay statements, Forms W-2 and 1099

  • View and edit personal information

  • Change deductions

  • Manage direct deposit

  • View and request time off

  • Manager approval of time sheets

  • Mobile or desktop access

Outsourcing with PEO and Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation

Kerr Payroll Solutions in Fresno, CA truly understands the challenges an HR manager or owner faces on a day-to-day basis. From managing schedules, inputting payroll, employee conflicts to business decisions. Outsourcing payroll is one of the quickest ways to get back time, money and peace of mind — without adding headcount and unnecessary overhead.


With Kerr Payroll you can actually outsource some or even all of your payroll responsibilities. Discover one of our unique outsourcing options, the "Partial Payroll Program", (PPP)


PEO can help prevent issues, save money and eliminate your workers compensation audit

With a professional employer organization (PEO), you get all the benefits of outsourcing payroll — plus you can rely on Kerr Payroll Solutions to stay on top of compliance and regulatory issues for you. 

With our PEO options you can alleviate cash flow restraints by paying for the labor you actually use each month in lieu of paying a year in advance and worrying about a workers compensation audit at year end.

Talk to one of our Pay-As-You-Go experts today by calling 559-277-4772 and tell them you want the Pay-As-You-Go program and payroll service combination. AKA the PPP service.

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