Time and Labor Management

Tracking when and where employees start and stop work, meals and breaks, vacation time, FMLA time, etc. can be a difficult task. With the right system, employers can gain control of employees’ hours, control labor costs, and ensure compliance with labor regulations. Managing time and labor has never been easier with cloud-based solutions, like our Pay System Time Management, that offer many advantages including reduced implementation costs, instant updates, and eliminating the need for bulky time clocks.


  • Payroll Integration

  • Mobile, Online and Time Clock Punching

  • Time-off Requests/approvals

  • Real-time Reporting

What can we do for you?


  • Make time tracking effortless, convenient and accurate.

  • Improve time card accuracy.

  • Save an average of 40 minutes per week per manager with automation.

  • Easily create schedules.

  • Gain viability.

  • Track leave requests.

  • Analyze trends.

  • Minimize employee compliance exposure.

  • Administer policies and procedures.

Time and Attendance Anywhere, Anytime

  • Time & Attendance Tracking

  • Scheduling

  • Absence Management

  • Compliance

  • Analytics

  • Payroll & Integration

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