Compare payroll options to see which one is suitable for your Fresno CA business.

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Compare payroll plans for your Fresno, CA or California business. With cloud based technology Kerr Payroll can automate your payroll, save you money and offer a better price than Paychex or ADP with all the same features and a local relationship.


Option 1

1-5 Employees


  • Direct Deposit

  • Paycheck processing

  • Payroll Tax Filing

  • Payroll tax Reporting

  • 24/7 Phone and Chat Support

  • Pay-as-you-go workers compensation.

  • SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA or 401(k)

  • Employee & Employer Portal

And More


Option 2

5-20 Employees

Feature everything in Option 1, plus:

  • Dedicated Payroll Specialist

  • Additional Employee Pay Options

  • Labor Compliance Poster Kit

And More


Option 3

20-50 Employees

Featuring everything in Option 2, plus:

  • SUI Service

  • Flex Onboarding Essentials

  • Analytics and Reporting

And More


Option 4

50-2,000 Employees

Featuring everything in Option 3, plus:

  • Custom Analytics & Reporting

  • Paychex Flex HR Administration

And More

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