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Payroll, retirement plan administration and consulting provided by Kerr Payroll Solutions, LLC. Investment advisory services, ERISA services and asset management provided by Kerr Wealth Management, Inc. Insurance services provided by Kerr Insurance Brokers, Inc. Additional fees may apply subject to change at Kerr Payroll Solutions, LLC discretion. For a complete list of The Kerr Companies services plesae visit us at:


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Group Health Insurance 

Your companies healthcare can and should do more - and we will ensure it does.

Our personalized healthcare solutions support the whole person to address every aspect of your employee's body and mind, including their physical, emotional, financial, and social health. And our broad, integrated capabilities maximize value, affordability, and choice for our customers and clients. Since 2008 Kerr Insurance in Fresno, CA has been providing health insurance for businesses throughout the central valley. Our clients enjoy our service integrations and find our payroll integration solution very resourceful because they save time and money.

Kerr Insurance Brokers is partnered with the nations largest medical insurance providers including Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Kaiser, California Choice, Delta Dental, Met life, VSP, Hartford, RSLI, Assurity and more. 

Plan types include: 

  • PPO

  • HMO

  • EPO

  • Tiered plans

  • Self Insured plans

  • Small business medical plans (1-49 employees)

  • Large group medical plans. (50-1,000 employees)

  • Vision 

  • Dental

  • Accident

  • Disability

  • Hospital

  • Cancer, Critical Illness

Medical Plans

Choose from PPO plans to HMO. Our solutions range from small business to large business self insured benefit plans. Kerr Payroll makes medical benefits streamlined, affordable and we are compassionate to your employee's needs.

Supplemental Group Benefits

From accident plans to disability, Kerr Payroll Solutions offers a voluntary benefit program that requires almost no paperwork, long all day enrollments and can be completed with one excel file employee census. The days of long, boring enrollments are over. By adding payroll to your supplemental or medical plan package we will discount our fees.

Cost Control 

Managing costs is a big part of health and wellness plans. Our team of risk management advisors can help you contain costs through a variety of practices with the goal of keeping your out of pocket and contributions minimized.

Technology Solutions

Technology makes a big difference when it comes to medical plans and that's why we can enroll your entire company via remote enrollment. No long paper intensive enrollments or agents scattered throughout your business. Control the process, make it simple and keep it smooth with our online enrollment and policy management system. Employees can view their plan 24/7 and integrate with our payroll system to manage their deductions.

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