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Human Resource Management

Overseeing an organization’s workforce requires strategic management of compliance, culture, training, leadership and more. Today’s technology has made it possible for HR professionals to better manage transactional tasks and focus on retaining talent and knowledge in the workforce.Through Kerr Payroll solutions in Fresno, CA you can manage virtually every aspect of HR, benefits, payroll, reporting and compliance with one interface. 

HR Services Includes:

  • Employee Handbooks

  • HR Handbooks

  • Employee and HR Training modules

  • ACA Administration

  • Government and Compliance 

  • Labor Law Poster Subscription

  • Human Resource Information Systems

  • Benefit deductions and Data

  • HR Support Center

  • Document Storage

  • 401(K)/403(b) e-reporting

  • Pay cards

  • Section 125 (FSA & Premium only plans)

  • Employee Performance Tracking

Kerr Payroll helps insure your HR manager has the power to do their job with precision.

Stop wasting time managing HR the hard way and use a cloud based system to streamline your business. 

Take advantage of our HR solutions. Many of the features are built into our Payroll system at no additional cost and very few of them have a small low cost fee to adopt. The great thing about our software solution is you can use it as you need, how you need and when you need it. Most importantly when an employee is questioning a deduction, their paycheck or you require specific data for your financial records due to industry requirements Kerr Payroll Solutions will have all of your data ready at the push of button.

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