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HR and Integrations

HR can be a challenge and so can keeping it all together for your business.

With Kerr Payroll Solutions you can get the HR support you need and integrate virtually all of your accounting, insurance, retirement and payroll solutions all in one place with one provider, all while getting multi service discounts and working with highly experienced local experts.

Avoiding costly HR compliance mistakes can be a nightmare, especially in California. Set yourself up with Kerr Payroll's Fresno, CA HR professionals and all in one HR software solution.

  • Automated On-boarding

  • Easy Employee Management

  • Time and Attendance 

  • Intelligent Reports

Human Resources

Integrated Solutions

Integration is key to successfully managing a responsible HR department. With Kerr Payroll we have developed an all in one platform that allows you access your own HR portal for HR compliance, payroll, insurance, retirement plans and more. With 25 years of collective experience the professionals, advisors, and payroll experts Kerr Payroll can help you integrate, save time and money.

Get More Done

Get quick answers and resources from a dedicated team that knows you and your business. Our team of HR professionals are quick, responsive and knowledgeable.

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