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Strategic Partnership Opportunities

Are you an independent insurance agent, CPA or HR consultant looking for a new payroll partner?

As your marketplace becomes more competitive each day, creative ways to attract and retain new customer relationships are vital to your success. Kerr Payroll Solutions has the foundation for you.


Insurance Agents / Agency

With our many exclusive insurance carrier partnerships we can help you solidify your self reporting workers compensation services with the Hartford, Amtrust, Employers and more. Additionally we can help you package a seamless payroll platform to offer with your group health, retirement and voluntary benefits. 


If you are a CPA who doesn't offer payroll services and perhaps your looking for a strategic back office payroll solution to keep your overhead down, Kerr Payroll Solutions has the platform for you. Our cloud based payroll solution was designed with AWS to deliver accountants a tailored solution that compliments your business, adds revenue and integrates with just about any bookkeeping software. 

HR Consultants

Human Resources is a challenging role and often under appreciated. As an HR consultant you know first hand how much responsibility your client's or employer puts on you. Kerr Payroll Solutions offers a reliable payroll platform that complements your role and can offer you the necessary compliance access and reporting at the tip of your fingers.

The Kerr Companies Partnership Platform Program

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